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  1. December Balance Preview

    COMMANDER REVAMP PART 2 - EASTERN FRONT COMMANDERS Part 2 of the Commander Revamp hits the battlefield with some changes coming to the Eastern Front Commanders. As always, we encourage everyone to playtest and give feedback on these changes via the December Balance Preview mod (V1.5 now available) found on the Steam Workshop. SUBSCRIBE NOW   GENERAL Eastern Front Commanders Recon Loiters are being adjusted to be more cost effective given their likelihood of being shot down after their first pass. Recoin loiter ability costs reduced from 80 to 60   SOVIET GENERAL Shock Troops (All Commanders) We are enhancing the utility of Shock Troops to reduce their long-time bleed and make them equally viable against both Axis factions. We are also improving the performance of the Shock Troops’ grenade to be on par with other anti-infantry specialists. Reinforcement time reduced from 6.5 secs to 5.5 secs Reinforcement cost reduced from 33 to 31 Tripwire flares removed Veterancy 1 reduces smoke grenade cost 15 to 10 Smoke grenade and HE grenade now share cooldown Veterancy 2 smoke recharge (-40%) moved to Veterancy 1; now also affects normal grenades HE Grenade far AOE increased from 0.15 to 0.5 HE Grenade damage type changed from small explosive to big explosive (now damages buildings)   GUARD RIFLE COMBINED ARMS TACTICS Hit the Dirt Hit the Dirt is being adjusted to allow Conscripts to better hold their positions behind cover. Accuracy is lowered to compensate as a trade-off for increased defense and immunity to suppression. Cover changed from yellow-cover to -25% received accuracy Accuracy decreased by 20% while active Guards Rifle Infantry We are giving Guards a slight adjustment to improve their damage against infantry and survivability on the field. Their grenades are also being improved to make them better in line with their intended role and performance. Guard PTRS damage vs infantry increased from 20 to 27 Target size decreased from 1 to 0.97 Grenade ready-aim time reduced from 0.625 to 0.125 Grenade cost reduced from 35MU to 30MU New ability: Hit the Dirt (replaces Tripwire Flares) Guards Hit the Dirt (Veterancy 1 ability) The purpose of the new Veteran ability is to allow Guards to provide additional firepower when they are being used in their intended role as a ranged support unit. Grants -25% weapon cooldown (with a delay of 2 seconds) (25 second recharge before able to go-to-ground if cancelled) Increases range by +2.5 to ensure all Guard models can engage targets units on the edge of their maximum range. IL-2 Sturmovik Attack We are increasing the number of planes to two to improve survivability and increase the number of targets that can be suppressed. Damage and tracking has been adjusted to prevent the IL-2 from wiping lone squads. Now spawns 2 airplanes, damage reduced from 8 to 5 Tracking reduced from 90 degrees to 25 degrees Minimum range (of 45) lifted Airplanes now attack both infantry and light vehicles   TANK HUNTER TACTICS In order to add more depth to the doctrine, we are expanding its theme to cover a range of techniques used by the Red army to ambush and destroy Wehrmacht tanks and be less reliant on masses of Conscripts armed with PTRS rifles. Conscript Anti-Tank Package PTRS Packages are being changed from a simple weapon upgrade to an item that changes the role of Conscripts into an anti-tank unit that can locate and ambush armour at the cost of anti-infantry and anti-garrison power. Conscript PTRS stats now made equal to Penal PTRS stats Conscripts upgraded with PTRS gain access to multiple new abilities (see below) Cost increased from 50 to 80 CP requirements from 3CP to 2CP Tank Detection Replaces Molotov Cocktails Costs 30 munitions Camouflage Detectable at 10 range Requires the squad to be stationary. First strike bonus to penetration of 25% Conscripts gain access to the Hold Fire ability RPG-40 Anti-Tank Grenade Assault Replaces RPG -43 Anti-Tank Grenade Damages vehicle engines at 75% HP Grenades can be avoided by leaving the radius before they are tossed Damage reduced from 80 to 50 Always penetrates and always hits vehicles when the grenades are tossed Engineer Salvage Kits We are combining Salvage Kits and PMD-6M Mines into one package and reducing the high cost of the Salvage Kits due to the changes in wreck values. All Engineers now get access to the PMD-6M Light Anti-Vehicle Mine (regardless of Kit Upgrade) PMD-6m Light Mine no longer stuns, instead now reduces movement speed and rotation by 75% for 8 seconds PMD-6M Light AT Mine cost now 15 MU Salvage kit cost reduced from 100MU to 35MU Salvage kit cost no longer mutually-exclusive with other upgrades Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics AT Gun Ambush Tactics is being given a First-Strike Bonus to improve the ability’s potency when firing from stealth. Moved from 5CP to 3CP First strike bonus: +20% damage, +20% accuracy, +20% penetration Tank Ambush Tactics To benefit other aspects of the army, Tank Hunters is gaining a new ability to allow the commander’s vehicles to also ambush hostiles. Credits for the animations go to the “Wikinger: European Theater of War” mod team. Detection range of 20 for medium/heavy tanks, 15 for light armor. Revert time on par with Jagdpanzer First strike bonus +20% damage, +20% accuracy, +20% penetration All vehicles gain +5 range when hulled down   WEHRMACHT OSTTRUPPEN DOCTRINE The doctrine primarily relies on strong field presence with multiple Osttruppen squads. However, the lack of scalability of the Osttruppen into the late game hurts the viability of the commander. Thus, to give this commander some staying power, we are changing how the Artillery Officer, Osttruppen, Trenches, and Supply Drop operate. Ostruppen (affects all Osttruppen variants) Ostruppen are a cost-efficient utility-oriented infantry that performs well for their cost. To prevent Ostruppen from becoming too powerful when picking up weapons, we are restricting their accuracy bonus to only apply to their rifles. At the same time, we are giving them access to weapon upgrades at Battle Phase 3 to improve their late game scalability. Reinforcement time increased from 2 seconds to 3.5 seconds per model Captured slot items now suffer from a -50% accuracy penalty, and +300% accuracy bonus in cover no longer applies to them Can now upgrade to LMG42’s when Battle Phase 3 is researched (All variants) Artillery Field Officer We find that the Artillery Officer has low synergy with the rest of the faction (including all of the doctrines the officer is in). To address this, we are giving the officer a better combat-oriented role, which will allow Wehrmacht players to be slightly more aggressive, even when picking a defensive-oriented doctrine such as the Osttruppen. Population reduced from 9 to 7 CP increased from 1 to 2 Squad size increased from 4 to 5. Assault Grenadier MP40s on Field Artillery Piece models Smoke is now free but has a cooldown of 70 Victor Artillery cost reduced from 80 to 45 Can temporarily increase squad’s own RA and moving bonuses to allow the officer to assault/draw fire. Medical Kits replaced by Heavy Mortar Barrage: Cost of 30 munitions on a 60 second recharge Does not share a cooldown with smoke. Uses 5 120mm mortar shells Gains Shared experience. Veterancy requirements increased by 20% to 580/1060/2120 All abilities but Victor artillery remain active should the officer go down. Squad can pick up dropped weapons with 1 weapon slot. Supply Drop (Formerly Supply Drop Zone) Given the doctrine’s reliance on support weapons to deal damage in the later stages, we are giving a supply drop that allows players to make use of the Osttruppen’s ability to cheaply recrew team weapons. Now drops 1 unmanned MG 34, 1 unmanned AT gun, 1 munitions crate (50 munitions) and 1 fuel crate (25 fuel) Cost changes to 450 manpower Defensive Tactics (Formerly Trench) We are increasing the utility gained from the doctrine by allowing all infantry to construct defenses. This will give the doctrine more staying power later into a match. CP decreased from 2 to 1 Allows grenadiers, Osttruppen & Panzergrenadiers to build trenches, sandbags and wire Max engineers: 4 JAEGER INFANTRY DOCTRINE Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade G43s are having their timing adjusted to be more in line with other weapons, while being made more useful for elite German troops. CPs increased from 1 to 2 Panzergrenadiers and Stormtroopers now gain 3 G43s for 60 munitions Now takes up both weapon slots for Panzergrenadiers and Stormtroopers. Ambush Tactics * Camouflage and Sprint bundled into one package (affects both Encirclement and Storm Doctrine) * Moved from 1 CP to 0 CP Camouflage upgrade Cost reduced from 30 to 20 Stealth works when moving, but require all squad members to be in cover Light Artillery Barrage (also affects Mechanized assault and German Infantry) * Cost reduced from 110 to 90 * Reduced damage to team weapons by 25% to prevent it from destroying howitzers Panzergrenadier Command Squad (New) As a way to supplement troops in the field, the doctrine is being given a special Panzergrenadier squad that has a number of abilities to support attacks. Limited to one squad on the battlefield 5-man squad including 4 Panzergrenadiers (MP44) & 1 squad leader (MP40) Squad has access to smoke grenade (vet0) and flares (vet1) Cost 360MP to call to the battlefield; 37MP to reinforce; 10 popcap   BRITISH (Tuning) COMMANDO REGIMENT Smoke Raid * Can now be used in fog of war * Green smoke warning added * Desynchronized smoke patterns for infantry; smoke now drops near all infantry * Cost reduced from 75MU to 60MU Commandos * Ambush sprint duration increased from 2.5 secs to 3.25 secs ROYAL ENGINEER REGIMENT Anti-Building Barrage * Reduced amount of initial shells to 5 with low scatter * Damage versus ambient structures increased to x1.5 * Penetration against trucks and structures increased from 35 to 70 AVRE * Shells now always penetrate * Shells now always stun tanks Command Vehicle We are giving a separate vehicle-affecting aura to the command vehicle. Vehicles affected by the command aura now get the following bonuses (this doesn’t affect the infantry and team-weapon part of the aura): -30% reload time -30% cooldown +30% accuracy +15% penetration Source :  
  2. December Balance Preview

    V1.5 UPDATE The V1.5 Update continues with some minor iterations to the Soviet, British and Wehrmacht as well as the Commander Revamp Part 2 - The Eastern Front Armies. SUBSCRIBE NOW GENERAL LeFH/B4/ML20 Cost of these howitzers and the Pak 43 more accessible in smaller game modes while less potent when shelling into a base without spotters. Scatter penalty when firing into fog of war increased from 1.25 to 1.75 (affects both vertical and horizontal scatter); doesn’t affect B4 Prices changed from 600MP to 400MP / 50FU ML20 Extra shells received at Veterancy 1 barrage reduced from +2 to +1 Mid damage modifier increased from 0.015 to 0.028 LeFH Damage no longer increases at Vet3 LeFH weapon change at Vet 3 removed (improved scatter & range bonuses remain) B4 Population reduced from 20 to 15 Pak 43 * Price changed from 500MP to 350MP/45FU * OKW Pak43 now earns veterancy at the same rate as the Wehrmacht Pak 43   SOVIET Repair Stations (Soviet Industry Tactics) Due to the general changes to repair, Soviet repair stations are being given a manpower price to limit a player’s ability to mass produce them without sacrificing unit production. Cost increased from 75MU to 120MP/45MU Conscripts * Oorah ability cost increased from 10MU to 15MU   BRITISH Command Post We are reducing the cost of Tommy grenades to improve viability of this upgrade purchase. In addition to this, we are lifting the Command Post requirements to buy grenades to allow for more diverse T1 openings. Grenade upgrade cost reduced from 150MP/15FU to 100MP/10FU Weapon Rack unlock and Grenade unlock no longer require Tech structures built Vickers_K We are improving the responsiveness of Vickers_K to match its intended performance Ready aim-time max increased from 0.5 to 1 Mortar Pits We are improving the responsiveness of the Mortar Pit when in barrage mode and making barrage timings less tight to allow the mortars to desynchronize. Barrage aim-time for both mortars decreased from 0.5/1 to 0.125 Barrage Reload time changed from 4-4 to 3-5 for both mortars   WEHRMACHT Ostwind With the recent changes to its AI performance and cost, we feel the increased penetration at range was causing the unit to slightly over perform vs vehicles. Penetration decreased from 55/50/45 to 55/40/35 Pak40 Target Weak Point Ability * Stun changed to -75% speed and rotation rate Bundle Grenade (affects both OST and OKW) With the changes to Gammon Bombs, we are also adjusting the Bundle grenade to match its counterpart’s performance: Damage decreased from 120 to 100 AoE distance decreased from 1.25/2.5/3.75 to 1/2.1/3.75 AoE damage far increased from 0.25 to 0.3 Cost decreased from 45 to 40   BUG FIXES & QUALITY OF LIFE Churchill smoke ability UI position changed from 24 to 34 Fixed an issue where Obersoldaten bundle grenades used to be inaccurate Readjusted pathfinding to improve performance Fixed an issue with the British Air Supremacy ability where the anti-infantry strafe in bombing run failed to engage infantry Demos can no longer be planted near capture points (as intended in V1.4) Reverted DBP ghostbag changes (over concerns for performance drop) Fixed an issue where Vanguard Doctrine aircraft would not engage infantry (introduced in DBP) Fixed an issue with 17 piercing shots that allowed the gun to double-shoot (introduced in DBP) OKW Overwatch Sector Planes will no longer target casualties Conscript squad models no longer all do the oorah animation at the same time (visual; doesn’t affect performance) Source :  
  3. [Astuces] Améliorer la réactivité dans les menus du jeu Salut, Voici les astuces pour améliorer la réactivité dans les menus du jeu. 1) Être abonné à peu de contenu du workshop Pourquoi ? À chaque que vous lancez le jeu, il retélécharge en arrière plan tous les contenus (mod, apparences, ...) auxquels vous êtes abonné (pour que tous les joueurs aient la même version du mod). Si vous êtes abonné à beaucoup de contenus alors le jeu peut mettre un certain temps avant de finir tous les téléchargements. Cela se remarque lorsque vous rejoignez une partie personnalisée avec par exemple une carte du workshhop que vous n'avez pas. Si la carte ne se télécharge pas automatiquement, c'est que le téléchargement de vos abonnements est encore en cours et qu'ils retardent le téléchargement de la carte. Veuillez suivre la partie "Supprimer du contenu non officiel" de ce topic si vous êtes abonné à beaucoup de contenu : 2) Désactiver les vidéos en arrière plan Aller dans le répertoire d'installation du jeu puis dans le dossier "Movies" qui est par défaut à ce chemin "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\CoH2\Movies" Ouvrir tous ces fichiers (avec par exemple Notepad ou Notepad++) : flag_aef.lua flag_british.lua flag_german.lua flag_soviet.lua flag_west_german.lua Enlever la valeur existante pour la clef movie : movie = ""   Source :
  4. December Balance Preview

    COMMANDER REVAMP PART 1 - THE BRITISH FORCES We kick off the first round of changes coming with the Commander Revamp by looking at the British Forces. As with all December Balance Preview changes, the changes proposed below are NOT FINAL and will be put through weeks of iteration as we listen to your feedback and continue to test the changes in action. We encourage the community to test and play these changes as much as possible and give any feedback they may have in the Commander Revamp Feedback thread located in the Balance Feedback section of these forums. If you would like to test these and all upcoming Commander Revamp changes, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the December Balance Preview on the Steam Workshop. Please note that you can only test the DBP changes via Custom Games by selecting the mod in the lobby's Options menu under "Tuning Pack".   BRITISH Commandos Regiment The major limiting factors of the Commandos Regiment commander is that, most of the abilities are extremely map-dependent. At the same time, we feel that the low accessibility of the Commandos, as well as Commando’s poor synergy with the faction hurts the commanders versatility. While Mortar Cover and Air Supremacy are extremely strong abilities by themselves, we feel this commander fails to provide any long-term sustainable abilities. The commander has been reworked to support aggressive infantry-oriented play. Since the commander is extremely munitions based, most of the abilities have been reworked to provide a smaller, but more concentrated effect for an affordable cost. Commando Glider We feel that one of the issue of infantry-oriented British builds is the lack of field presence that stems from lack of on-map reinforcement options. Cost decreased from 500 to 390 CP decreased from 4 to 3 Cooldown decreased from 240 secs to 60 secs Infantry can now reinforce from glider in enemy territory Commandos (affects all variants) Commandos’ most powerful ability is throwing gammon bombs. We find that the Commando SMGs suffer from poor moving performance and tends to typically under perform. At the same time, Commandos’ ambush “bonus” which triggers a non-voluntary sprint is extremely powerful vs weapon teams and Grenadiers, but is becomes a liability vs OKW infantry. Finally, Commandos earn little benefit in terms of combat bonuses with their veterancy. Base stats Moving accuracy from 0.65 to 0.75 Reinforcement time reduced from 8.5 seconds to 7.25 seconds *Popcap reduced from 10 to 9 Light Gammon Bombs Gammon bomb timer increased from 1 to 1.25 Damage decreased from 120 to 100 AoE distance decreased from 1.25/2.5/3.75 to 1/2.1/3.75 AoE damage far increased from 0.25 to 0.3 Cost increased from 35 to 40 Smoke Grenade Ability Moved from Vet 1 to Vet 0 Now blocks fire and vision Cost increased to 25 from 15 Does not break stealth when fired Shares a cooldown with Gammon bomb ability Ambush Sprint bonus from ambush (+50% speed for 5 seconds) changed to +35% speed for 2.5 seconds Commandos can now fire their weapons while moving when the Ambush bonus is active Sprint bonus now requires Veterancy 2 Veterancy Self heal moved from Veterancy 3 to Veterancy 1 Vet 2 accuracy modifier increased from +25% to +30% Vet 3 now provides a Receive Accuracy bonus of 0.9 Smoke raid We are changing this ability to benefit all British squads but, again, keep its scope small, targeted and sustainable. The ability now revolves around ambushing, and making advances over enemy territory using smoke. Now a targeted ability that affects a large area (can only be targeted in enemy sector or frontline territory, so as not to conceal the stealth effect) Smoke Delivers LOS blocking smoke at the target location All infantry units will cloak during the duration of this ability, when in cover. Light cover smoke is dropped on non-commando infantry every 15 seconds. Does not apply to commandos. Decap speed Now applies properly to all squads Assault We are changing the way the ability works to give it a more offensive nature. Accuracy bonus and speed increase now affects all infantry squads. Sprint replaced by 25% speed increase allowing units to fire on the move Accuracy bonus reduced from 25% to 15% Tommies gain +100% accuracy on the move. Does not apply to heavy weapons Cost reduced from 100MU to 90MU Duration from 60 seconds to 45 Mortar Cover * Now covers a selected area with a radius of 25m (no longer an entire sector) * Recharge time reduced from 240 seconds to 120 seconds * Cost decreased from 150MU to 130MU Air Supremacy A recon plane will now fly over the area before being followed by autocannon armed Typhoons that will strafe vehicles and infantry once. Three heavy bombers will follow up afterwards, bombing the area. Cost decreased from 325 to 250   Royal Engineer Regiment We find that the primary downsides of this commander are poor synergy with the faction, as well as highly-situational abilities. To improve its viability and utility, we have made the following changes: Stand Fast * The player now must target an emplacement they would like the ability to affect * Brace and healing is reduced during combat by 50% * Cost reduced from 50 to 40. Vehicle Repair * Recharge time from 120s to 45s * Cost from 100 to 40 * Effects end when the vehicle is fully healed. Command Vehicle We are readjusting some of the most extreme risk-reward elements of the ability to allow it to be integrated in more strategies. Command Vehicle no longer affected by a speed penalty or a received accuracy penalty. Still retains the -50% accuracy and the +100% reload time modifier. AVRE Petard mortar abilities now affected by the reload time increase Aura no longer affects emplacements Command Vehicle recon cost to 50 munitions Loiter time reduced from 90 to 45. Command Vehicle Aura * Accuracy decreased from +35% to +20% * Cooldown bonus decreased from -30% to -20% * Reload bonus reduced from -30% to -20% * Received accuracy modifier removed AVRE Projectile arc changed to match Sturmtiger (will not fly over most obstacles, but will almost always collide with vehicles in front of the AVRE) Reload time increased from 30 secs to 40 secs Cost changed from 600MP/140FU to 560MP/160FU Rotation rate from 35 to 30 HP reduced from 1400 to 1080 Armour increased from 240 to 270 Anti-Building Mortar Support We find that the ability is extremely map dependent and thus limited in use. The building-destroying aspect of the ability is often unneeded, as the ARE can perform similar duties with greater flexibility. To improve the abilities usefulness and effectiveness, the following changes have been made: Steadily drops 8 shells over 12 seconds at the target position. Cost decreased from 150 to 140 Damage over time frequency decreased from 3 to 1 Mortar near AOE distance from 1.5 to 0 Recharge time from 240 to 120 Source :  
  5. December Balance Preview

    DBP V1.4 "THE BRITISH" UPDATE The V1.4 Update continues with some minor iterations to the Soviet, USF, OKW and Wehrmacht as well as some significant changes to the British Forces. SUBSCRIBE NOW   GENERAL Demo Charges * Can no longer be planted on territory points * Fuse timer change reverted * Demo charges are now revealed by all units within 7m.   SOVIET Conscripts In light of the recent changes made to Conscripts, to prevent them from scaling too well at higher veterancy with picked up weapon upgrades, the following change has been made: Max number of slot weapons reduced from 2 to 1 IS-2 To make the IS-2 more reliable at range, the following changes have been made: Scatter offset decreased from 0.25 to 0.185 Far AOE increased from 0.05 to 0.1   WEHRMACHT Ostwind Due to the recent performance enhancements made to the Ostwind, we reverting the range increase to make it slightly more vulnerable. Range reverted from 45 to 40   OKW Le.IG To further increase the required management of the unit, the following changes have been made: Auto-attack range reduced from 85 to 80 Veterancy Changes Veterancy 3 smoke recharge moved to veterancy 2 Movement speed bonus removed from veterancy 2 (Received Accuracy bonus remains) Number of extra barrage shells received from veterancy reduced from +4 to +1   USF Captain On Me To prevent the "get out of jail free card" this ability provides to blobbing, the following changes have been made: Previous changes reverted Player can now only target one unit within a 25m radius of the Captain Now has a 45 second cooldown M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer To improve the Jackson's tank hunter capabilities, the following changes have been made: Moving accuracy changes reverted for main gun and HVAP. Main gun reload from 5.2/5.8 to 4.375/4.975 (Note - Jackson still retains its wind-up and wind down delays of 1.125/0.5) Veterancy 3 reload bonus reduced from 30% to 15%   BRITISH UKF Artillery Commander Concentration barrage * Can no longer fire through the FOW * Now always fires Airburst shells, regardless of Anvil tech Emplacements To increase vulnerability of emplacement to their counters, the following changes have been made: Brace duration reduced from 30 secs to 20 secs Incoming repairs reduced by 75% while brace is active Mortar pit * Garrison bonus changed from reload bonus to barrage recharge bonus (-25% recharge) * Mortar Pit autoattack reduced from 90 to 85 Forward Assembly To increase diversity and utility of the FA while decreasing the benefits of emplacement clumping, the following changes have been made: Emplacement aura removed Cost reduced from 250MP to 200MP Can upgrade Medics that provide passive healing for 50MP/60MU Advanced Fortifications removed Medic upgrade, Forward retreat upgrade and Repair station upgrade are mutually exclusive Repair engineers (passive) can no longer repair their own repair station 17-pounder * Popcap reduced from 20 to 14 * Arc indicator added * No longer possible to garrison the 17-pounder * Reload speed normalized from 5 - 7 to 5.5 * Flares from garrison bonus to veterancy 1. * Piercing rounds moved from Vet 1 to Vet 0 Tommies (also affects Tank Hunter Infantry Sections) We feel that Tommies come out of the gate with too much raw power but also lack the offensive ability to effectively assault a position. Therefore, to make Tommies feel more reliable and to improve their consistency on the battlefield, we've made the following changes: Moving accuracy modifier increased from 0.25 to 0.35 Vet 0 Received Accuracy reduced from 0.8 to 0.9 Scoped Enfields Vet 3 bonus removed (this causes Tommies to drop their Bren guns, even though enough models are alive) Bren gun reload time decreased from 8-9 secs to 6.5 secs Population cap reduced to 6 from 7 (Becomes 7 at 5-man) Increased cone of fire from 1 to 5 British Infantry Cover bonus * Sappers, Sniper and Commandos no longer gain -10% RA bonus when in cover Sappers We felt that Sappers scaled too well and become too cost effective as the game progressed compared to the British's mainline infantry. To compensate for this, the following changes have been made: Target size increased from 0.8 to 0.9 Veterancy 3 reinforcement bonus reduced from -20% to -10% (-6MP to -3MP) (Received Accuracy bonus remains) Popcap reduced from 6 to 5 (Becomes 6 with 5 man squads) Anvil To increase the appeal of Anvil to be more on par with Hammer and to bring its cost better in-line with its benefits / performance, the following changes have been made: Heavy Sappers * Movement speed penalty reduced from -50% to -25% * Armor bonus reduced from +1 to +0.25 Churchill * Population cap reduced from 18 to 16 * Smoke projector speed penalty removed * Veterancy 1 side-hatch SMGs moving accuracy penalties increased from 0.5 to 0.85. Airburst shells * Now fire at randomized intervals between 5-10 seconds * Now have a 15 radius scatter Heavy Gammon Bomb To make the Heavy Gammon Bomb a better building clearing tool and more in-line with the Satchel charge, the following changes have been made: Cost reduced from 75MU to 50MU Damage increased from 200 to 340 AOE distance decreased from 1.5/3/4.5 to 1.25/2.5/3.75 Crocodile To brine the Crocodile's performance better in-line with its cost, the following changes have been made: Rotation rate reduced from 35 to 30 Popcap increased from 18 to 20 HP decreased from 1400 to 1080 Armour increase from 240 to 290 Crocodile damage output decrease by 30% (flamer to 7/ flamesweep to 6) Flamethrower range normalized from 25/39 to 32 Centaur We felt that the Centaur lacked needed anti-garrison abilities and suffered from low mobility which made the unit ineffective on certain maps. To resolve theses issues, the following changes have been made: Garrison table modifiers changed from 0.4 accuracy and 0.5 damage to 0.5 accuracy and 0.35 damage Damage all in hold modifier from false to true (All models in the building will take Far AOE damage) Acceleration increased from 1.5 to 1.8 Speed increased from 4.6 to 5.2 25 Pounder (Base Howitzers) We are changing 25 pounders so that they become effective as a fast-response artillery that can be used to negate buildings or take down enemy emplacements. Airburst changes make it so that teching Anvil will allow the 25 pounder barrage to also double as an area-denial ability. Damage First Howitzer now fires 4 shells from 6 Second Howitzer now fires 5 shells from 6. Reload decreased from 4.7 to 4 Now always penetrates Now does 75% extra damage against team weapons. AOE damage to friendlies from 0.025 to 1/0.25/0.1 Scatter First howitzer has 0 angle scatter and 5 scatter-max and 1 scatter-ratio Second howitzer has 7.5 angle scatter, 12 scatter-max and 1 scatter-ratio Airburst shells have a randomized 3-10 second interval between them and come with increased scatter radius (from 7 to 20 radius) Responsiveness Horizontal and vertical rotation rate increased from 25 to 40 Shell speed increased from 29 to 40 Usage/Cooldown Cooldown decreased from 150s to 80s Suppression reduces howitzer flare throw range by 33%.   For more details on the British Commander changes as part of the December Update's Commander Revamp, check out the December Commander Revamp Changelog.   BUG FIXES & QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES Fixed an issue where Walking Stuka barrages would not share cooldown Volks flame grenade now available when truck hits the field (as advertised last update) Tripwire flare cooldown fixed Source :
  6.  @korri "J'ai une question concernant les "médailles". Comment améliorer un half track 251 pour en faire un "anti aérien" ? Autant on peut en faire un lance flamme que un anti aérien je cale...Merci " Le SdKfz 251 Halftrack de la faction Wehrmacht ne peut pas (ou plus) passer en anti aérien. La méthode pour gagner cette médaille n'a pas été mise à jour.
  7. Bonsoir Mithiriath, comment vas? J'ai une question concernant les "médailles". Comment améliorer un half track 251 pour en faire un "anti aérien" ? Autant on peut en faire un lance flamme que un anti aérien je cale...Merci


    1. Mithiriath


      Salut, bien et toi ? Pose la question sur le forum que tout le monde puisse voir la réponse.

    2. Mithiriath
  8. Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Mise à jour du DBP en version 1.3 :
  9. December Balance Preview

    DBP V1.3 UPDATE The December Balance Preview is off to a good start and the community's feedback has been incredibly helpful as we work on fine tuning these changes throughout the remainder of the iteration period. In this update we changed focus to look at various elite infantry units and potential over performing bonuses acquired through veterancy. The following proposed changes is aimed to help within infantry scaling for various factions. SUBSCRIBE NOW Commander Revamp Update As the Commander Revamp survey has now closed, we are excited to announce which commanders we will be looking at revitalize in the December Update. We hope to complete our first pass on the proposed changes to the commanders listed below before the end of next week. Similar to all Balance Preview changes, the Commander Revamp changes will be available to test in the DBP Mod when the changes are ready to go. Commander Revamp Commanders * (USF) Recon Support Company * (USF) Mechanized Company * (SOVIET) Tank Hunter Tactics * (SOVIET) Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics * (BRITISH) Royal Engineer Regiment * (BRITISH) Commando Regiment * (OKW) Feuersturm Doctrine * (OKW) Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine * (WEHRMACHT) Jaeger Light Infantry * (WEHRMACHT) Osttruppen Doctrine)   GENERAL Infiltration Units To give players a better chance to react to infiltration units and to reduce the number of guaranteed squad wipes caused by infiltration unit abilities, the following change has been made: All abilities now start on cooldown (the default cooldown of the ability) This affects: Infiltration Commandos Fallschirmjager Partisans, both variants Stormtroopers JLI Demo Charges To give players an opportunity to react to activated demo charges and to reduce mass squads wipes of this weapon, the following changes have been made: Demo Charges now have a 3s timer once activated (timer is visible to all players; similar to satchel) Cost reduced from 90MU to 65MU Garrisoning We have made some fine tuning changes to garrisoning to make it feel more responsive and reduce squad wipes on building destruction. Reduce unload time from 0.5 to 0.375 (per model) Reduce load time from 1 to 0.75 (per model; 3.25 remains max per squad) Reduced grenade damage vs buildings (the structure itself; not the units garrisoned inside)   USF Rear Echelons Volley-Fire’s potency is being reduced on weapon rack items to prevent Rear Echelon from immediately pinning down infantry in the late game if they are upgraded. Now all slot weapons gain a 0.0025 suppression that does not ramp up Lowered suppression values for the BAR by 50% and the M1919 LMG by 70% when Volley-Fire is active. Captain ‘On Me!’ will no longer provide combat bonuses to better represent the abilities lack of munitions cost and to limit the power of blobbing infantry around the Captain. ‘On Me!’ will still break suppression and allow infantry to sprint to allow USF players to relocate units on the field. Removed the weapon accuracy and received accuracy bonuses from ‘On Me!’ (it still breaks suppression and makes inf run faster) M36 Jackson The M36 is having its damage modified to make it less potent in terms of burst damage against lower health vehicles while becoming more reliable vs heavy tanks (HVAP rounds remain unchanged). Damage from 200 to 160 Penetration from 240/220/200 to 260/240/220   SOVIETS Soviet Forward HQ (Commander Ability) To make this ability less frustrating to counter while keeping it a viable option for Soviet players, the following changes have been made: Requires structure to be in connected territory. +50% damage converted to+25% accuracy Armor modifier from +50% to +25% Reduced cost from 300MP/60FU to 250MP/40FU For Mother Russia (Commander Ability) The ‘For Mother Russia’ ability is having its potency reduced to bring it in-line with the recent changes to Conscripts. +100% Armour bonus removed (accuracy and speed bonuses remain) Duration reduced from 60 seconds to 30. Conscripts We are reverting the AT grenade and Moltov upgrade merge due to its cost effectiveness while making minor adjustments to some Conscript abilities. Molotov cost from 15 to 20 (does not affect Partisans) Tripwire cooldown from 0 to 30 AT Grenade upgrade and Molotov upgrade are once again separate Molotov tech cost reduced from 125MP/15FU to 80MP/10FU T-34/76 We are slightly increasing the cost of the T-34/76 to match its performance. Fuel price increased from 80 to 90 PM-42 (Soviet T2 mortar) The PM-42 Mortar will now have the ‘Flare’ ability from the start to provide vital scouting information and to give the Soviet mortar a more utility oriented role when it is deployed. ‘Flare’ ability no longer requires veterancy Veterancy 1 reduces ‘Flare’ recharge by 25% ZiS-3 Divisional Field Gun (AT gun) We are improving ZiS-3 access to its barrage ability to make up for its low rate of fire and limited penetration. This will emphasize ZiS-3’s secondary role as an indirect fire unit that can soften up enemy positions. Popcap reduced from 9 to 7, to match its performance Reduced cost of ZiS-3 barrage ability from 60MU to 35MU   WEHRMACHT Grenadiers Grenadiers are receiving a decrease to their population to better match their performance in comparison to other mainline infantry. Popcap reduced from 7 to 6 Pak 40 The Pak 40 is having its population reduced to better match its performance with other anti-tank guns. Popcap decreased from 9 to 8 to match actual performance 251 Flamethrowers With the recent changes to garrisons, the 251 is getting a reduction to its damage against entrenched infantry to give players a chance to react and de-garrison. Far-AOW reduced from 1 to 0.5 (mainly affects anti-garrison damage) Stug G We found StuG G’s ‘Target Weakpoint’ ability over performs for its cost while the unit's machine gun lacked some needed defensive capabilities vs infantry. Thus, the following changes have been made: TWP's main-gun disable reduced from 15 seconds to a blind critical that lasts 5 seconds. TWP's damage reduced by 50% (to account for guaranteed penetration) MG cost reduced from 50 to 30 MG range increased from 35 to 40 Ostwind The Ostwind is being improved to make it more consistent and reliable as an anti-infantry platform (regardless of map) while still able to chip away at armoured vehicles. Projectile no longer collides with terrain Distance scatter max increased from 2.9 to 3.5 AOE distance reduced from 1/1.25/1.5 to 0.5/1.5/2 (to compensate for projectile changes) AOE damage reduced from 1/0.15/0.05 to 0.8/0.2/0.1 (to compensate for projectile changes) Cost reduced from 100FU to 90FU (does not affect the OKW version) Penetration increased from 45/40/35 to 55/50/45 Max range increased from 40 to 45 Tiger (does not affect Tiger Ace) The Tiger is receiving mobility boosts to allow the Tiger to navigate the battlefield more easily and disengage from threats such as anti-tank guns or tank destroyers. Speed from 4.7 to 5.2 Acceleration from 1.5 to 1.8. Deceleration from 1.8 to 2 Popcap increased from 19 to 20 Panzer IV To allow the Panzer IV to better combat medium tanks at a distance where it has the advantage of stronger frontal armour and rate of fire, the unit is receiving a slight penetration increase. Penetration increased from 120/110/100 to 125/115/110 Fuel cost reduced from 125 to 120 Panther V Now in an even better spot. Coaxial and hull MGs performance improved to now match the OKW Panther Elefant Given the Elefant’s role as a dedicated anti-armour vehicle, its accuracy is being increased to improve reliability at range. Accuracy increased from 0.05/0.375/0.025 to 0.055/0.045/0.03 **JU87 Close Air Support Loiter (Commander Ability) ** We are slightly lowering the damage of the JU-87 to ensure it remains a potent ability, but is no longer capable of outright destroying medium tanks in a single pass. JU87 Loiter damage reduction from 60 to 50   OKW Sturmpioneers We are increasing the viability of Sturmpioneers to allow them to better support the rest of OKW army in a combat role. Reinforce time decreased from 10s to 7s. Build time decreased from 40s to 28s. Population cost decreased from 9 to 8 Panzerschreck price decreased from 90 to 70 Veterancy Changes Veterancy 4 -23% Received Accuracy and +15% accuracy bonuses removed Veterancy 5 +40% weapon accuracy moved to Veterancy 4 (Vet 5 bonus of no longer taking extra damage while repairing remains) Veterancy requirements reduced to 580/1160/2320/2900/3770 (approximately a 10% reduction) Base Flak Defenses We are removing the OKW's free Anti-air capabilities to bring their AA better in-line with other factions. Can no longer fire at air targets Schwerer Panzer Headquarters Due to the nature of the Panzer Headquarters flak cannon, we are limiting its ability to shut down aerial-based abilities without some form of trade-off. No longer automatically engages aircraft Now has an Anti Air ability which activates AA mode for 60 seconds (while active it can engage both ground and air targets). After AA ability finishes, the gun will go on a cooldown for 60s where it can not engage any targets (air or ground) Stuka We are adjusting the performance of the Stuka to prevent it from destroying team weapons and buildings in a single attack while making it more vulnerable to flanks and assaulting tanks. Damage vs team weapons reduced by ~50% (affects the weapon, not the squad) Damage vs Garrison buildings reduced by 50% (affects the building, not garrisoned squads) HP reduced from 320 to 160 Panzer II ‘Luchs’ The following changes aims to reduce the Luchs potency vs vehicles and further define its role as an anti-infantry unit. Moving scatter penalties increased from 1.25 to 2 Target table modifier vs vehicles of 0.0625 added Volksgrenadiers We found that high veterancy and upgraded Volksgrenadiers scaled too well vs other core infantry and overshadowed much of the OKW's own elite infantry. To compensate for this, the following changes have been made: Flame grenade now unlocked when the first sWS Supply Half-track hits the field Flame grenade now has a 0.75s timer on explosion Faust price reduced from 30 to 25 Veterancy Changes Veterancy 3 Received Accuracy bonus increased from 0.9 0.86 Volks require cover and to be stationary to benefit from their Vet 4 sight bonus Vet 3's passive healing ability moved to Vet 5 All combat bonuses from Vet 4 and Vet 5 (+15% accuracy bonus & -20% weapon cooldown) removed Sturmtiger The Sturmtiger is being further adjusted to limit its ability to hide in the FOW and destroy units without being seen. In return, we are improving aspects of the Sturmtiger's defensive capabilities to compensate. Popcap reverted from 20 to 18 Sturmtiger can no longer fire through buildings (Buildings now act as shot blockers) Range reduced from 45 to 40 Reload duration decreased from 50 seconds to 40 seconds Veterancy requirements decreased by 33% Veterancy 1 grenade far damage increased from 0.05 to 0.25, radius decreased from 5 to 4.5, and AOE penetration decreased from 23 to 15 Le.IG 18 The Le.IG is being tuned to require more player input to be used effectively. In return we are boosting its damage against ambient structures improving its support and anti-garrison ability. Auto-attack range decreased from 100 to 85 Autoattack range bonus removed from Veterancy 1 Anti-structure damage increased (from 1/0.5/0.25 to 2/0.3/0.15) HE Barrage recharge time increased from 30 secs to 40 secs Smoke barrage recharge time independent from HE barrage Intel Bulletin for barrage recharge lowered from -25% recharge to -10% recharge Kubel The Kubelwagen’s armour is being slightly adjusted to make the Kubel more vulnerable to strikes from the front, but slightly less vulnerable to flanks. The previous changes to hitpoint and armour meant a Kubelwagen could still cost-effectively duel most infantry units in the field during the early game. Front armour further reduced from 3.5 to 3 Rear armour partially reverted from 1.6 to 1.9 Panzer IV We want to make OKW Panzer IV to be slightly less vulnerable to infantry rushes and more effective in a generalist anti-infantry / anti-tank role. To accomplish this, the following changes have been made: Cost changed from 360MP/150FU to 380MP/140FU Population cost increased from 12 to 14 Scatter improved from 7.5/6.4 (angle/distance) to 6.5/5.54 Penetration increased from 120/110/100 to 125/115/110 Veterancy Changes Veterancy 2 scatter veterancy increased from 0.75 to 0.866 Veterancy 4 range bonus removed (scatter bonus remains) Veterancy 5 - Panzer IV must be stationary to benefit from sight bonus (similar to spotting scopes) Panther V We are adjusting the OKW Panther veterancy to be more manageable for the opposing player when it hits later veterancy. Veterancy 4 range bonus removed (scatter bonus remains) Veterancy 5 - Panther V must be stationary to benefit from sight bonus (similar to spotting scopes) King Tiger The KT has received a slight adjustment to its veterancy 4 to help prevent it from out scaling opposing players. Vet 4 sight bonus removed (scatter bonus remains) Pazerfusiliers The following changes aim to put Panzerfusilliers on-par with other, similar infantry in the late game and encourage the use of flares for increased sight. Population from 6 to 8 G43 upgrade sight bonus decreased from +50% to +20% (from 52.5 to 42) Veterancy 4 +15% accuracy changed to +15% capture and decapture rate. Obersoldaten Obersoldaten are being made more accessible through a number of changes with only some adjustment regarding their late game veterancy to prevent them from them out scaling counterpart infantry units. MP Cost reduced from 400 to 340 LMG34 and Stg44 munitions cost increased from 60 to 80 Reduce reinforcement time from 12.5+ to 9 Built-time from decreased from 50 seconds to 36s. Popcap reduced from 10 to 9 Veterancy 4 received accuracy bonus removed Veterancy 4 suppression bonus converted to “Suppressive Fire ability” Fallschirmjäger Fallschirmjager are being adjusted to have better stock performance with only minor changes to their veterancy. Population is also being adjusted to match other Axis elite squads. Received accuracy improved from 0.87 to 0.83 Veterancy 3 received accuracy bonus removed Population from 8 to 9 Can now camouflage in cover when stationary without veterancy JP4 We feel that the Jagdpanzers veterancy bonuses made it scale too well and become too lethal at higher veterancy. To reduce its lethality while keeping it an effective Tank Destroyer we've made the following changes: Increased range from which it can be detected from 10 to 20 Veterancy Changes Veterancy 2 armour and sight bonus removed Vet 2 now increases accuracy by 20% Veterancy 5 ambush damage/accuracy/pen bonus reduced from +150% to +25% Raketenwerfer To make the Raketen more reliable and consistent while bringing its stealth better in-line with other stealthed units, we've made the following changes: Vet 1 speed bonus when stealthed reduced from +100% to +25% Projectile now ignores terrain elevation Raketenwerfer can no longer be suppressed   BRITISH PIATs Due to the British's lack of snares and difficulty competing against light vehicle rushes, the following changes have been made to the PIAT. Range increased from 30 to 35 Far accuracy decreased from 0.038 to 0.025 Mid-range increased from 15 to 25 Trenches * Trench target size now significantly increases when they are abandoned (to allow tanks/AT to clear and destroy) Mortar pit To bring the counter play between the Mortar Pit and LeIG in-line, we have made the following changes: Mortar Pit auto-attack range decreased from 115 to 90 HE/smoke barrage cooldown decreased from 75 to 40 seconds Smoke barrage on independent cooldown form HE barrage   BUG FIXES & QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES Fixed issue where USF grenade bulletins were not applying to Rear Echelon smoke Readjusted pathfinding Remove forced movement from Commando squads that have recently deployed (makes squads ignore orders) Removed Tank Elite Armor, Tank Commander arty from firing into the base Improved the mine laying speed of Assault Engineers and Paratroopers to match other squads Changed Ostruppen cover bonus indicator. Instead of an overhead crosshair indicator, Ostruppen cover bonus displays in the same way as the Tommy cover bonus indicator Increase duration of TWP-like abilities, to match initial delay Added a warning line for Stun Grenades Source :  
  10. December Balance Preview

    DBP V1.2.1 UPDATE Available on the Steam Workshop: SUBSCRIBE NOW GENERAL Forward Retreat Points (affects all FRPs) * Penalty changed to +75% reinforcement time per model * It is now, again, possible to immediately disable the FRP (30 second deactivate cooldown removed); 120 second cooldown on re-activating FRP after deactivation remains   USF Rear Echelon * Can no longer use smoke when upgraded to flamethrowers * Light M7 mines now only detonate on vehicles (not infantry)   SOVIET Conscripts Our original changes to Conscript DPS caused an unintended, but significant increase in their DPS around ranges 5-to-15. We are adjusting the values to obtain the intended DPS curve. Near range reverted from 10 to 0 Near accuracy adjusted from 0.7182821 to 0.7572339   BUG FIXES Fixed an issue that prevented squads from properly obeying garrisoning commands Readjusted pathfinding behaviour for vehicles to avoid suboptimal behaviour around obstacles Addressed an issue with Target-Weak-Point and Treadshot abilities, that they were taking too long to fire Hammer tracking; partially revert duration from 7 secs to 9.5 secs Adjusted Lend-lease Sherman hotkey to avoid overlap Fixed an issue where the Jackson would cost more than intended (cost from 145FU to 140FU) Source :
  11. Les nouvelles du front !

    Nouvelle du front Dans le cadre de la future mise à jour, Relic a publié ce sondage qui permet de voter pour les 5 commandants (un par faction) que vous aimeriez que Relic repense pour les rendre plus viable en PvP. Lien du sondage :  
  12. December Balance Preview

    DBP V1.1 UPDATE In light of recent feedback, our goals and the direction we would like to take the existing changes in the DBP, we have made the following changes to the DBP mod prior to release. The DBP mod is now available for download on the Steam Workshop. As always, please play the mod and give us your feedback in the Balance Feedback section of the forums. SUBSCRIBE NOW   WEHRMACHT Tech Cost Restructuring To allow Wehrmacht players to explore more diverse build orders and have access to a more versatile roster we have moved the majority of tech costs from Tier 3 and 4 buildings to Battle Phase 2. This change does not affect the amount of required resource to unlock T3 or T4 directly, however, it does allow players to better adapt their strategies in the late game by making teching to T4 from T3 or back-teching from T4 to T3 a viable option. Battle Phase 2 costs increased from 100MP/45FU to 200MP/90FU Battle Phase 3 costs decreased from 100MP/45FU to 100MP/25FU Support Armor Korps costs decreased from 240MP/60FU to 140MP/15FU Heavy Panzer Korps costs decreased from 200MP/50 to 100MP/25FU   OKW Sturmpioneer We are toning down the efficiency of Vet 0 repair speed (with or without the minesweeper) to further promote aggression and risk-taking, much like for the Soviet and Wehrmacht factions (i.e., keep the engineers in the front line so that they can accumulate veterancy, as opposed to keeping them safe). Sturmpioneers are receiving a reduction to their repair speed to better match other factions. Their veterancy 0 repair speed with or without the minesweeper has been reduced to promote aggression with Sturmpioneers to vet up. Base Repair speed to 2 Veterancy 2 Repair rate to 0.75 Minesweeper Repair rate to 25% rather than a flat bonus of 1. Vet0 repair: 2 Vet2 repair: 0.75 Minesweeper repair: +25% (so that its power is spread more evenly between stock and vet) Panther V Due to the performance reductions noted in V1.0 of the DBP changelog, the Panther V has received a fuel cost reduction to bring its performance better in-line with its value. Fuel cost from 200 to 185 Combat Blitz We are changing Combat Blitz to bring it more in line with similar abilities (e.g., Blitzkrieg/Emergency Warspeed). The changes will make it so that Combat Blitz remains a valuable asset to be used offensively. However, it will not be able to be used as readily to retreat. Received accuracy modifier increased from 0.5 to 0.75 (to match Wehrmacht variant) Now increases main gun reload speed by 25% (even when not moving) Speed bonus for Panther/Command Panther/King Tiger decreased from +40% to +20%   USF Jackson * Jackson moving accuracy from 0.75 to 0.65 (affects all guns) Rear Echelon The received accuracy penalty for Volley-Fire is being reduced to allow this ability to be viable in more situations when Rear Echelon come under-fire. This allows Rear Echelon in cover to suppress approaching troops without taking high amounts of damage in return. Volley-Fire Received Accuracy Penalty from 40% to 15%. USF Mortar * Smoke barrage range increased from 65 to 80 * Vet 1 smoke barrage range increase removed * Vet 1 decreases cooldown of smoke barrage by 25% Firefly * Vet 3 damage bonus reduced from +80 to +40   Bug Fixes & Quality of LIfe Crocodile main-cannon will now respond to attack commands. Added Hold Fire and Prioritise Vehicles abilities that the main cannon can benefit from. A number of issues have been fixed revolving around the glider should it crash-land. The Headquarters Glider will now also be able to rebuild the Airlanding Officer should the unit be destroyed. We are reducing the amount of unnecessary clicks surrounding stealth abilities by allowing the following units to move at their full speed when they have been revealed whilst the ability is still active: Raketenwerfer Doctrinal Soviet AT gun ability Jagdpanzer4 Luchs Half-tracks are being given slightly more utility by allowing them to transport the majority of weapon teams. Do note weapon teams will not fire their crewed weapons out of open-topped half-tracks. Model 24 Stun Grenades We are fixing a couple issues with the German Stun Grenades while maintaining their current functionality. Stunned squads are immobilized for the duration of the 5 second stun. Fixed an issue where stun nades would permanently break team weapons This affects both OKW stun nades and OST stun nades Target Weak Point/Treadshot (Quality of Life) This change affects the mode of operation for TWP that applies to StuG Gs, Pak guns, Pumas and the Elefant. Target Weak Point should now only fire one shot, but the player has more time to aim the ability and can be used on the move. Target Weak Point now last for 10 seconds or until the unit fires its first shot while using this ability. Activating the ability forces the unit to reload before being able to fire The similar-to-operate AEC treadshot ability behaves in a similar way (2 shots within 15 seconds) Source :
  13. December Balance Preview

  14. [Tournoi 2v2] La Balade des Ardennes

    Un nouveau tournoi. Sortez le popcorn ! Les publications sur Facebook, Twitter, Steam, calendrier du forum, JVC, CPC et GK ont été faites. Il faut des volontaires maintenant.
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    [Tournoi 2v2] La Balade des Ardennes Pour plus d'infos voir ce topic :