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    « I am the master of my fate : I am the captain of my soul. »

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  1. Probleme d'objet dans mon inventaire

    Salut, Pourrais-tu nous faire quelques impressions d'écran stp ?
  2. Perdu Unité du au DLC

    Salut, Tout ceux qui ont les factions USF et OKW ont aussi deux fois la ligne "CoH 2 - TWFA". Pour débloquer les Soviets et Wehrmacht, il te faudrait avoir la ligne "CoH 2 - Standard Game" qu'on obtient en possédant CoH 2 (cf. Tu as bien 2 standalone (TWFA de 2014 et TBF de 2015) mais pas le jeu original sorti en 2013.
  3. Impossible de jouer à COH 1

    Tant mieux. Tu me trouveras sur le serveur Discord (cf. signature pour le lien), si tu veux jouer avec moi.
  4. Impossible de jouer à COH 1

    As-tu essayé de : Supprimer le dossier contenant les préférences/sauvegardes du jeu (par défaut : C:\Users\VotreNomUtilisateur\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2) ? Installer une version antérieure de ton pilote graphique ? Désinstaller le jeu en veillant à ce que tous les fichiers liés au jeux soient supprimés puis le réinstaller ?
  5. Impossible de jouer à COH 1

    Oui, la version "Legacy Edition" ne permet pas de jouer en multijoueur, c'est pour ça que je demandais. As-tu essayé ça ? Menu : Steam -> Options -> Téléchargements -> Supprimer le cache de téléchargement ; Bibliothèque Steam -> Clique droit sur CoH -> Propriétés -> Onglet Fichiers Locaux -> Vérifier l'intégrité du cache du jeu.
  6. Impossible de jouer à COH 1

    Salut, Quelle version du jeu lances-tu sur Steam ? "Company of Heroes" ou "Company of Heroes - Legacy Edition" ?
  7. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 7 novembre 2017 COH1 Versions: "Legacy, New Steam" etc. Hello everyone, As some of you may have noticed, we have updated the names of the two versions of COH1 that coexist on Steam: the one formerly known as "Company of Heroes" is now "Company of Heroes - Legacy Edition" the one formerly known as "Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)" is now simply known as "Company of Heroes" Going forward, the "Company of Heroes" app is the one you should use if you want to play online and enjoy the Steam Workshop maps. Store pages descriptions were also tweaked accordingly for clarity - but it took us a couple of days. Sorry about that. Try clearing your browser cache if you don't see them now, however. We did not want to remove the Legacy Edition altogether because: some of you guys are still playing it, for various reasons (including old mods) COH1 total conversion pages are tied to it in the Steam back-end, and we can't change that most of the reviews for COH1 are tied to it in the Steam back-end, and we can't change that / transfer them to the newest app Obviously, anyone buying the Legacy Edition still automatically gets access to the latest version of the game as well in their library ("Company of Heroes", formerly "New Steam Version")! Sorry for the late post in this Community Hub; the last couple of weeks were a bit busy. See you on the battlefield. Source :
  8. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 1 juin 2017 COH Modding Update The 10 years of Company of Heroes celebration continues today with a massive Modding Update to the highest rated RTS of all time. Today's modding update includes the addition of the Steam Workshop integrated directly iinto the game. The newly added workshop supports Scenario Mods, now giving players the option to subscribe to and play their favorite community-made maps and unique scenario mods from directly within the game. Once in the Workshop, players can browse any recetly uploaded maps and sort maps/scenarios by popularity, rating etc. The Manage Tab in the Workshop allows modders to view all the maps/scenarios they've created on their PC (and that is in the correct directory) and publish them to the Workshop for others to subscribe to and play. Once a map/scenario is ulploaded to the Workshop, modders can return the the Manage tab to essentially do just that - update, delete, play, etc. For players, to play a published communtiy-made map/scenario, the process is quite simple - just go to the workshop, find a map or scenario you like and hit subscribe! Thats it! Each map you've subscribed to in the Workshop will automatically show up in the map list for Custom games for you to select and play. COH Modding Update Patch Notes Steam Workshop support added Steam Workshop integrated directly into game (button added on the main menu) Steam trading cards added Fix for custom map replay file crash Fix for custom map save game loading crash Source :  
  9. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 6 août 2014 Version 2.700.2.42 General A fix for Ghost Games Email Registration Offline Mode  
  10. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 18 février 2014 Version 2.700.2.30 General Added: mutliqueue automatch search functionality Bug Fixes Fixed: Arranged Team Stats are always displaying the 1st (host) User of the Arranged team Fixed: Leaderboards repeat the same 46 players Fixed: Users can randomly be the British faction during Panzerkrieg and Assault games Fixed: Temporarily lagging player causes game to lag for seconds to minutes Fixed: Changing tabs becomes unresponsive when introducing lag + joining busy chat channels Fixed: Game List appears to be filtered when Filters are turned off Fixed: 3v3 and 4v4 matches not being played Fixed: modding does not work  
  11. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 19 décembre 2013 Version 2.700.2.22 General CoH1 2.700.1 used Steam matchmaking and leaderboards and had no arbitration. The server side arbitration, matchmaking, ranking and leaderboard systems used by CoH2 have been implemented for CoH1. What players will experience is that: they are consistently matched with players similarly skilled to themselves that the results of matches, including any disputes, is secure and is viewable in game players can be confident of their in game leaderboard rank Reported game statistics have been changed to reflect what the system supports The networking system has been upgraded to improve game responsiveness if your opponent has a poor network connection Ping times have been be removed since they are not relevant with the new networking tech Severely lagging players will be auto-kicked and results appropriately recorded Bug Fixes Missing Polish language translations have been added  
  12. Changelog CoH (Steam)

    Mise à jour du 1 octobre 2013 Version 2.700.1 General Added Skirmish stats to 'My Stats' as the game will previously would not record skirmish match stats. Bug Fixes Addressed an issue where game would crash to desktop when clicking 'Multiplayer' button in menu. Addressed an issue causing 'Ghost Games' to appear in the lobby. Fixed an issue where an error message would be displayed indefinitely when attempting to join a full chat channel. Addressed an issue where the "Connecting" phase of automatch would lock out the Stop and Main Menu buttons causing the player to be unable to cancel the action.
  13. Merci. Steam est en ligne ou hors ligne ?
  14. Système de progression, Matchmaking et Classement/Niveau/Rang

    (Mise à jour des informations du topic)